Reasonable adjustment and use of agricultural machinery can save fuel

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2018/09/29 17:13
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Agriculturalmachineryrationallyadjustfueleconomy:   1Adjustthevalveclearance.Theintakeandexhaustvalvesareadjustedbeforeandafterthetopendoftheexhauststroke,andthevalveclearanceisensuredtoensurenormalva
Agricultural machinery rationally adjust fuel economy:     
    1 Adjust the valve clearance. The intake and exhaust valves are adjusted before and after the top end of the exhaust stroke.and the valve clearance is ensured to ensure normal valve distribution.   
2 Adjust the oil supply advance angle. The adjustment of the optimal fuel supply advance angle of the diesel engine should be properly adjusted according to the change of the environment. The oil supply advance angle assembly directly affects the power and fuel consumption of the diesel engine. For example, the fuel supply advance angle of the SI95 oil machine should generally be controlled at 16°-20°.                  
3 Adjust the fuel injection pressure of the injector. The fuel injection pressure of the 195 diesel engine injector is (120 ± 5) kg / c. According to tests, when the injection pressure is lower than 100 kg/cm2, the fuel consumption increases. In order to maintain the normal injection pressure of the injector, the operator should periodically test the injector.      
Reasonable use of fuel for fuel:
    1 Regularly maintain the air filter, diesel filter, and oil filter.      
2 Replace the lubricant on schedule.
3 Refueling as required.
4 Parallel multiple farm implements under possible conditions to maximize the working width of the implement.
5 Choose the appropriate pull-out and throttle operation, and try to use high-speed small throttle operation when light load.